I’m a Charger


A couple months ago our CEO sent out an e-mail requesting that all staff take a ‘test’. So in my mind, I immediately think, “Oh crap, I hate tests. What kind of test? Is it timed? I thought I was finished with this test-taking sh!t!”

I was rather curious though. My first workplace ‘test’. I clicked into it and signed up. About 15 minutes later I was finished. Wooo, that was easy AND painless.

Then, it was time to wait. Something I am not very good at. Patience is not one of my virtues 😉

Last week, the creative team and mine (Media+Marketing) were invited to a team building activity. Not really sure what this would entail, I was dying to know. (Not very good at not knowing things either. I’m basically a control freak)

Our activity leader handed us a paper with our names on it along with some other cryptic information. We went through some information about the programs algorithm and how your results are configured. Then we had to get up and she visually showed us where we stood next to our peers regarding thinking strategy and four other factors. Here are my results:

My thinking strategy is actual/potential. This means that I am able to access both patterns of thinking, but will begin with an actual plan base before moving to the potential option as a ‘Plan B’. This thinking strategy is a reality-based flexibility that will consistently look for ways to improve structures and systems.

My drive is Charger. Not surprising. This means I am motivated by my personal sense of authority. I have natural self confidence and assertiveness. Am able to navigate conflict without internalizing the circumstances. Once I have made a firm decision, I can be difficult to persuade otherwise. Chargers have a healthy sense of self-interest and will consistently seek to identify their stake in a situation.

Being people driven indicates that I am energized by interaction with others.

Rapid paced means I am a natural multi-tasker, able to juggle multiple activities at the same time. The charger drive intensifies this styles sense of urgency: nothing happens fast enough.

The Fact Finder element indicates that I value making information-based decisions. I seek to avoid mistakes, and gather understanding in order to do so. With the charger drive, satisfying rules and expectations connected directly to personal standards is a priority.

So overall, I would say this thing hit the nail on the head. The team building activity was a great experience that allowed all of us to learn more about our peers and ourselves. I am insanely thankful for the amazing experiences I get to have with my co-workers.

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How I See It: Retargeted Facebook Ads

So, I was doing some business listing updates at work the other day and came across a company called Yext. I filled out the appropriate information and when I got to the end the site prompted me to check out. I put this listing on hold because of the payment. Later in the day I got an email with my name spelled wrong begging me to finish my listing. I kind of laughed and continued working on the other listings.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. I checked InstagramTwitter then logged into Facebook. (I admit… I HAVE to check the “oh-so important” updates that I missed in the previous 7 hours of necessary sleep.) I came across a suggested post from Yext with copy telling me to claim my business today. I laughed again. These people just won’t quit.

Later in the day, I had a conversation with my coworker because she was also experiencing these creepy retargeted ads. We explored for a while only to find that these ads are being served through a third party provider. Being in the ad industry, we were very intrigued and surprised. Shocked that I am just now noticing these ads being served to my news feed. I’m so used to being on the back end of the ads, I was really taken aback from a consumers perspective. To me, it’s incredible. To everyone else, well.. you tell me? Does it bother you when totally relevant ads show up anywhere online? HA You’ve got to be crazy if you don’t like it. It’s like being served your favorite brands on a silver platter. (And now I’m getting excited!)

So, to get to the point. Here’s what the ad looked like and how to see if one is being retargeted through a third party provider.

retargetedfacebookad exampleofretargetedad

Click the little downward arrow in the upper right corner.

Click on “About this ad”

If it takes you to the Facebook ads page, it’s just a regular Facebook ad. But if it shoots you over to another third party site, like this one, then it’s a retargeted ad.

Pretty cool, huh?


Have questions or just want to lush in the amazing world of social media advertising with me?

My Life: 21 moving on to 22

When I turned 21 I was going into my last year of college. Meanwhile, a lot of people I grew up with hadn’t even started college. I’d been at the same job (not to mention my first job) for over five years. Ready to take on the world, I took my first internship as a social media intern for a POS system startup. I took 20 credit hours in school, almost 20 intern hours and worked at Zesto the rest of the time. All the while I maintained a social life. I am very close to my family and friends. And I was in a long distance relationship.

My boyfriend, Solomon, lived in Oregon. Going on two years, our relationship was definitely out of the ordinary and very extraordinary. I wrapped up 2012 with a trip out to Oregon and a road trip down the west coast to Hollywood. Solomon surprised me and took me to go swim with dolphins (FYI my lifelong childhood dream). I was crazy excited to say the least. We had an amazing time but the time went by too fast.

I came home to start my last semester of college and start planning for graduation and the real world. And then, through my awesome advertising professor, I got an internship at, what was, LeapFrog Interactive, at the time. I was working under the social media specialist for 3 months before I got hired on full time. (The agency went through a rebrand and we are now LEAP.)

This summer has been a blur with graduation, leaving Zesto, starting my career in the ad industry, Solomon moving here, catching up with my girlfriends, going to wine festivals and of course, turning 22. I am very pleased to say I am exactly where I want to be in my life.

Can’t wait to see the wonderful things this life brings. I’ll keep you updated.


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